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Welcome to...
Information Technology Services

Litton Corporate Information Technology Services is here to provide you with quality information technology services. This initial issue of our Web Site is intended to introduce and explain these services to you. We welcome your feedback on the type and quality of our services so that we may serve you better.

Our services are grouped into several major areas as outlined below:

  • Business Systems Software Development and Support.  This includes the design, development, implementation and support of Corporate and departmental systems essential in meeting Corporate business objectives.
  • Information Systems Operations.  This group provides you with:
    • Client Services and Support
    • Technical Support Services
    • Helpdesk Issues
    • Intranet and Internet Infrastructure Support
  • Telecommunications and Phone Services

The Services link on the left provides you with a more detailed explanation of our services.  Please let us know how Information Technology Services can help you and your department reached your automation objectives or if you need assistance in streamlining your business systems and processes.

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