Description of the Password fields

The Password field provides InstantWeb with the secret code that is used to authenticate you when you login to InstantWeb servers.

The secret password is needed for transferring files to and from InstantWeb servers as well as performing sensitive functions such as on-the-spot indexing and backup.

Please keep this password absolutely secret. It must be a code that you can always remember but others cannot easily guess.

You may have noticed that we have asked for the Password twice. By requiring two identical passwords, we can ensure that we have your correct password.

You are encouraged to change your password from time to time. You can do so using the InstantWeb tools page.

Password have the following characteristics:

Please note that it is best to press the BACK button on your browser to go back to the form you were filling out. If you enter the form's URL, some browsers will present you with a brand new form. Consequently, you will loose any information that you may have typed in.