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HTML and HTML related information  
Web Development
Browsers & Robots
Places to Publicize your New URL
Other Useful Archives and References

Here is help for everything from basic HTML, to CGI-scripts and lots of other useful web related information you might like to know. This is by no means a list of every site out there, just some of what we consider the most useful. Please let us know if there is a site that you think should be added to this list, just email:

Beginner Intermediate Expert


HTML and HTML related information:

Basic HTML:

Case Western University "Introduction to HTML" - This is a nice introduction to HTML

Advanced HTML

EXTENSIONS TO HTML - Here are all the Netscape HTML extensions that can do many fancy things like backgrounds, fonts, and colors.

HTML Quick Reference Documents:

HTML Quick Reference - A shorter list of the HTML codes.


HTML editors, filters and syntax checkers:

Word Processor Filters - A very extensive list of word processor to HTML filters

HTML Reference Sites

Writing HTML Documents - Another list of more information on writing HTML
HTML Documentation Table of Contents - Very useful online book that gives all the HTML tags, explains them, and gives examples
Hypertext Markup Language Specification v2.0 - Formal Specifications
HyperText Markup Language Specification v3.0 - Formal Specifications

Web Development:

Colors (text and link) and backgrounds

RGB Hex Triplet Color Chart - Shows 250 colors with their hex values ( a nice site because it loads quickly)
RGB to Hex - Lets you convert RGB to HEX values so you can use them in your pages
Color Ramper - A very interesting use of background colors

Images (clickable images, transparent gifs, tools to help you make images)

Clickable Images
Welcome to the Imagemap Help Page - IHiP - This page will tell you all about image maps, what they are, how to make them, and how to hook them up in your site
Clickable image support in CERN Server - Tells about how to do image maps, and has a few examples

Transparent and Interlaced Images

TransWeb Transparent-GIF Service - Yet another site that interactively changes you gifs to transparent gifs

CGI scripts and forms

Simple Forms - A basic forms tutorial


Dynamic Document Demonstration - Netscape's demonstration of some simple animation
pushpull - Netscape's documentation on how to do animation and dynamic documents using push/pull


Playing audio and video files - How to set up your system to play/show audio and video

Browsers & Robots

WWW Client Software products - Gives a list of many of the browsers available and where to get them
BrowserWatch - Gives information about browsers and has a great list of all the browsers available
List of Robots - A list of all web robots and web crawlers

Places to Publicize your new URL

The Postmaster - This site is quite easy to use but use it first, since it does not give you a choice as to what sites to submit to. It just does the whole batch at once.
Submit It! - This site is very easy to use, and will submit your site to many places
WWW Directories - List of net directories
Yahoo: World Wide Web :Announcement Services - If the above lists are not enough for you, here are places to look for more.

Other Useful Archives and References

Standard URL's that you should know

If you can't find the information you are looking for, here are some of the main reference sites on the Web. Most of these places have been involved with the World Wide Web and its development since the beginning, and are great reference points.

Webcrawler - Great search engine
Yahoo - If you do not know where to look for information, this search engine is a good place to start
NCSA Mosaic FAQ: Other Mosaic/WWW Software
The World Wide Web Initiative: The Project

Other archives of web related information

Since we can't list every possible useful site, here are indexes put together by other people that may also help you.

Yahoo: Computers and Internet :Internet :World Wide Web



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