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With an absolutely safe procedure, Dr. Zadeh can move the excessive gum away from the tooth and give you the full exposure of your teeth. He coined the term "gum lift" back in 1988.

Through a unique approach, Dr. Zadeh can make your teeth their whitest in an hour or two in the office. For more control you can also use take home bleaching trays.

  Skillful use of Porcelain veneers and crowns allow instant alignment of the teeth. By improving the size/position/angle of your teeth we give you the image you are looking for in 10 days.   Dental implants can reliably give you a permanent fixed replacement. Conservative metal-free bridges can replace missing teeth without much preparation of adjacent teeth.   Called "Para-function" causes excessive wear, cracking of the teeth and severe Migraine headaches. Bruxism (grinding) can damage the jaw joint known as TMJ, the Temporo- Mandibular Joint.

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In case you are apprehensive, we give you sedatives and Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) for your comfort. Dr. Zadeh is certified to administer intra venous sedation.

  You can see the outcome of dental work on your appearance BEFORE you commit to the dental work. We do this either by computer imaging and/or special mock up on your teeth.  

Dr. Zadeh's extensive education has earned him America's Top Dentist award in 2008. He has dual fellowships from Academy of General Dentistry and International College of Oral Implantology.

  Dr Zadeh has lectured at the USC Dental School on occlusion (teeth alignment). He has written on Dentine Bonding, Laser Curing, Grinding and Clenching, Ethics in Dentistry, Paperless Dental Office and
In-office Bleaching.
  1. The very first totally paperless dental office in the country.
2. First private office to install 3D CATSCAN in Southern California. 3. Digital X-rays,
4. Various LASERS
5. Surgical Microscop
6. In office percelain lab.



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